Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bow Holders

When thinking of things that Baby Bella might need that I could possibly make I decided I would try to make a bow holder.  Every little girl needs a bow holder.
This is the bow holder I made for Mackenzie.  Her walls are pink, so it looks much better on her walls!

Here is Ameslee's bow holder.

Bella's bow holder.

Bella's walls are turquoise, so I think it will look great on her wall.

Bella, Mattingly, and Ameslee's bow holders.

Another one of my friends at work saw Mackenzie, Mattingly, and Ameslee's bow holders and asked me to make a few.  

This one is for McKenna.

Both of these are pink and chocolate brown, just different ribbons.  Of course I got all of the supplies at where else.....Hobby Lobby!  I love that store!

Here is Bella's bow holder with bows on it.
If you know anyone who wants one, just let me know!  I love making them!


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Nicole Robinson said...

You should sell these on etsy!! Very cute!!!