Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blessing Ring

I found this concept on another blog.  (I changed the look up a little bit, but the concept is still the same.)
This is the Blessing Ring I made for Natalie and Bella.  It is a ring that has ribbons and Bella's initial on it.  Natalie can punch holes in all of the cards she gets at all of her Baby Showers and when Baby Bella is born and add them in between all of the ribbons.  It is a fun way to remember everyone who was around during this important and exciting time.  I'm sure Bella will love looking at it one day and know how many people were so excited she was going to be born!
It can be hung on a door knob in her room, or any where really.  
When I read about it, I just thought it was a great place to keep all of your cards.  They really are special and you don't want to just put them in a box.  You want them to be out where you can enjoy them!

This was also really fun to make!


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Nicole Robinson said...

Try to get a picture of one with the cards on it. I'm having trouble visualizing it. That is an AWESOME idea! Love it!!!