Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here Are Those Pictures...

I finally got my new cord for my laptop, so I wanted to share a few pictures from our last cruise.  Have I mentioned that I am a little excited!?!
When we first got on the boat.

Our first day at sea.

The view from our window.

Arriving into Jamaica.

Our boat.

In Grand Cayman.

Our boat.

Joe in the pretty water in Grand Cayman.

Senor Frogs.

The towel creation that we never figured out.

At dinner one night.

The beautiful beach at Cozumel.

The gorgeous water in Cozumel.

Joe with what we thought was a statue  in Cozumel until it moved!  Ha!  

We had such a good time together, and can't wait to go again!  This time we are leaving from New Orleans and going to the Eastern Caribbean:  Key West, Nassau in the Bahamas, and Freeport in the Bahamas. 

Anybody want to join us?  


1 comment:

Nicole Robinson said...

YES! I am insanely jealous!!! I want to see lots of pictures so I can feel like I'm there too! :)