Sunday, February 7, 2010

How I Spent Super Bowl '10

Joe had a big Super Bowl Party at the college tonight, so I went to mama's.  Michelle and Mackenzie came over.
Percie sat with Michelle.

Mackenzie did not want me to take her picture so she was covering her face.  I tickled her so I could get this picture!

Kenzie watching Hannah Montana!  Yes, we watched Disney instead of the Super Bowl.....well, most of the Super Bowl.  We did watch part of it...the half time show and the 4th quarter!  Ha!  I am glad the Saints won!

Mama and Holly.
We ordered pizza from Pizza Pro and had a great time!

Molly had a good time!
Kenzie and her ball.
Kenzie entertained us with a little song and dance....Kenzie style.  She cracks me up!  
Kenzie and Michelle.
She also had Michelle go hide because she wanted to play hide and go seek.  Then she was "too scared" to go find her!  Ha!
I'm so glad they came over to enjoy the "Super Bowl" with us!


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