Sunday, February 7, 2010

Percie Gets Clean

One of the things I don't like about when Percie has surgery is that she can't have a bath until her stitches come out.  She was one dirty dog!!
Percie is very good during her bath!

She knows when I get the soap out that it is time for her bath.  She comes in the bathroom, I take off her collar, and put her in the tub.

She just stands in one place while I give her a bath.  I wouldn't say she enjoys it, but she sure does like the way she feels after her bath!

After I finish bathing her, I turn off the water, sit down and put the towel across my lap.  She jumps out of the tub onto my lap and I wrap her up.

She lays in my lap and lets me dry her.

Luckily her fur is really short so it doesn't take very long to towel dry her.  
When I let her out of the bathroom, she runs to find her daddy and show him how pretty she is.  She is so funny!

Percie is so good!  We sure are lucky doggy parents!


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