Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Oreo

This is Oreo the Boston Terrier, Percie's new cousin.  Joe's sister rescued her from the animal shelter in Jonesboro.  (I'm glad Percie is not the only dog that isn't easy to photograph!)

Oreo in her new dress that Percie got her.

Isn't she cute!?!  (She is in Rylee's room.  Notice the pink walls and Hannah Montana guitar!)

Oreo and her mama.  I did not get any pictures of Percie and Oreo.  Percie was being her usual snob self.  It kills me that she will have nothing to do with other dogs!  She doesn't growl or anything.  She just hides behind us and won't look at "new" animals.  Oreo wanted to play with her so bad!!

While we were at Sunday lunch, Jordan was so sleepy he almost fell asleep at the table!

Poppy and Jordan.

Rylee HAD to have her picture made with Poppy, too!
After lunch, Jordan and Rylee went with Joe, Percie, and I to Petco.

They were excited about taking Percie to Petco!

Rylee found a lady bug in the car.  She wanted me to take its picture.  I will be VERY surprised if this lady bug lived!!  I heard Rylee say a few times, "I think the lady bug is asleep...or maybe it is dead!"  She cracks me up!!

Rylee and Jordan rode in the buggy and loved looking at the other dogs with their owners, rodents, fish, birds, and turtles. They both had a million questions.  I love how curious they are!

Percie's daddy walked her around Petco in her tutu.  She had a great time!  We found her a cute dress on sale for $3!

Rylee and Jordan also picked out some treats to take to Oreo. 

They had a great time, and we had a great weekend!


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