Monday, November 16, 2009


Last Wednesday mama and I traveled to Shreveport for a short trip.  (I would have loved to stay longer, but I missed so much work when I was sick!)  Jeannie gave mama tickets to Camelot at the Strand in Shreveport for her birthday (and I got a ticket, too!)  So the three of us (we never get to be the three of us!) ate at Jason's Deli and headed to The Strand. 

I had never been to the strand.  It is gorgeous.

Jeannie and mama I really didn't want to put this picture on here....well, because it is awful.  But it is the only picture I have of all 3 of us!  I was talking... imagine that!!

Jeannie and mama in their seats.

The beautiful chandelier.
I tried to get more pictures inside the theater, but my not so good camera took not so good pictures.
The play was great, but I didn't get pictures of the actors/actresses because of the whole no flash photography during the performance thing.

Mattilyn, Logan, and Braden were asleep when we got back to Jeannie's after the play, so I did not get to see them until Thursday morning before they went to school. 

Mattilyn waiting for her ride to school.

Braden cheesing for the camera!

Braden eating his pot tarts...his favorite!!

Logan ready for school.

And of course Percie visited her Aunt Jeannie's.
Percie says thanks to Mattilyn for sharing her bed with us!

It was a great short trip to the Reeders, and we are ready for our longer trip over Thanksgiving.


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