Monday, November 9, 2009

How Do They Find Me?

This is the precious cat that found Joe and I last Thursday.  We were pretty sure that she was a she, but the vet confirmed today that she is a he!!  He is so sweet and playful. 

Many stray animals have found me over the years, especially since Joe and I have been living in Beebe.  I don't understand how they find me?

This kitty was SO hungry!!  He found Percie's dog food pretty quick!!

He is so handsome.....but he doesn't have a tail!!  It doesn't look like he was born that way.  It looks like he lost it in an accident some how.  Poor kitty!!

I will be back with an update when we decide on a name.
Joe and I can't seem to agree.
Imagine that!!  Haha!!


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