Saturday, November 21, 2009

Larry's Pizza and Murphey's Shirt

Tuesday night (after our weekly Weight Watchers meeting) Mama, Joe and I ate at Larry's Pizza.  I love Larry's!!  My favorite pizza is baked potato pizza.  Tuesday night is buffet night......Joe's favorite!

Then we went to our favorite store....Wal-Mart!  Joe gets really tired of me taking his picture!!

I found this kitty shirt for Murphey.  Isn't it cute!?!  I can't wait to put it on him!

I think Murphey will love it!!

Notice that Murphey now has on a blue collar!  Thanks, mama, for finally getting the pink collar off and getting the blue collar on!! 

I will share pictures as soon as I get them of Murphey in his kitty shirt.


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