Saturday, November 21, 2009

Early Christmas Present

Yesterday, Friday, November 20, 2009, mama drove to Texarkana to pick up Braden and Logan for a visit.  We met them at mama's as soon as they got to Beebe to give them an early Christmas present.

The first Christmas presents I've wrapped this year.

The boys opening their presents.

The boys wearing their presents.  Braden was so excited, and said "yes, I love Arkansas".  Logan said "Arkansas....what?"

Logan and Braden getting the rest of their present from to the Arkansas vs. Mississippi State football game.  Braden was excited!  Logan was excited, too, but quickly said "if those are tickets to the Arkansas vs. LSU game I'm not wearing this Arkansas stuff".  Joe explained that they were for the Mississippi State game TOMORROW, and a few "Yeses!" and "Alrights!" were said.
The boys excited about the game!

Braden ready for bed wearing the pj pants grandmama made.

Logan ready for bed also wearing the pj pants grandmama made.

All of the dogs joined Braden in bed.  He loved it!!  We had to make Elroy get off the bed.  He decided he was sleeping all night with Braden!

Molly and Percie joined Logan in bed, but Elroy wouldn't leave Braden!

Next will be pictures from the game!


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