Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finally Final

Hello again!  It is FINALLY FINAL!  Joe and I are officially the parents to 3 sweet precious kiddos!  I can hardly believe it!

In case you are wondering:  
Robert = my daddy
Daniel = Joe's middle name
Tyler = his birth name
(I have 2 middle names so he gets that from me)
Charles = Joe's Grandpa
David = tons of family on my mom's side that I love
Mary = my grandmother
Blanche = Joe's grandmother
We call them Daniel, David, and Mary Blanche.

I LOVE the way our announcements turned out!  We used our beach pictures that Tony Thagard at Tony Thagard Photography took.  And Lindsey Watson at LindseyFaith Photography designed the announcements.  She was wonderful to work with!

I have always enjoyed blogging, but I always seem to take long breaks for no reason.  Oh well.  I'm back now!  Blogging with no pictures is just, well, no fun!  (And a little challenging, too!)  BUT, since the adoption is finally final, I can share pictures of these sweet babies with the blog world (which probably consists of a few close friends and family who already know all about our sweet kiddos, but hey, its a great way to journal.)

I plan to do a few catch up posts, but not too many.  That's WAY too much pressure!  Ha!  But, there are a few important posts that I missed that I plan to go back and do. Next up, I'm hoping to share all about our adoption day.  Stay tuned.....

But, before I go, I would really like to thank everyone...Our good friends, our friends we haven't talked to or seen in forever, our close family, our distant relatives, our church family, our work friends, our acquaintances, and total strangers that just heard our story.... for all of the well wishes, prayers, and support.  It truly is unbelievably overwhelming!  When deciding to become foster parents, I never considered for 1 second that our friends and family would not totally accept whatever children we had in our home as our own.  But you guys have gone above and beyond.  For real.  Thank you!


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The Howell's said...

How exciting! Congratulations!!