Monday, February 25, 2013

One Year Ago-Gotcha Day

One year ago this week (Well actually February 29th, but since that only happens every 4 years we will have to celebrate on the 28th.) was Miss Priss' Gotcha Day.  Gotcha Day=the day she came to live with us.  It was a day that I will never forget.  Along with all of our family and friends....they will probably never forget that day either.  Will we get her or won't we get her? That was the question of the day....All the way up to the moment I had her in my car driving down the interstate.  It just didn't seem real.

So many memories from that day.  Meeting her sweet foster dad who along with her foster mom had taken such great care of her since the day she came home from the hospital.  Who thankfully I have gotten a chance to know and love!  Besides these precious kids, new friends have been my favorite part of fostering.  And the poor sweet worker who signed her into our home....she had no idea what she was walking into.  A whole dorm of college kids were waiting outside and peaking out of all of the windows and doors to try to sneak a peak of Miss Priss as I carried her up to our apartment door.  The worker told me she has never experienced anything quite like it.  :)  I will always remember the girls and guys who came to see her that day and were a part of our lives everyday. 

I remember what a cute (bald) chunky baby she was.  Not a lot has changed in a year.  She is still my cute (bald) chunky baby.  :) My mama of course came to meet Miss Priss and fed her her first bottle.  And our good friends Matthew and Marianne came to meet this long awaited baby.  And it's the first time Miss Priss met her BFF Ruby Grace even though Ruby Grace was still cooking in her mama's belly.  :) I had taken off work for the next 2 weeks to get to spend some time getting used to having a baby in our lives for the first time.  I'm so glad I did!

Miss Priss didn't sleep much the first night we kept her.  We noticed pretty quickly how easily that baby girl got cold, which by the way hasn't changed at all.  Joe held her in the recliner while she slept for most of the night.  Of course she was warm while he was holding her so she was happy. But a few minutes after he would put  her down in the cradle, every time........she would wake up crying.  He would get her and they would go back to the recliner.  :)  He too was off work for a few days, so he requested the night shift so I could be awake with her during the day.  As Annslie says every time she comes to our place, "You could hang meat in here!"    We do keep it pretty cool, especially at night, so we knew we would need something to help keep that baby girl warm.  We went to Wal-Mart the next morning after eating her first breakfast in the Cafe at ASU Beebe to purchase a swaddling blanket....our new best friend.  (Baby girl only woke up once the next night!  Success!  :))  Baby girl slept in that swaddle blanket every night and nap for the next 4 months.  Wal-Mart would be our first outing together.  :)  We also stopped by Textbook Corner to see Miss Priss' future BFFs mom and dad.  

So much healing also happened that day.  A day Joe and I had longed for....the day we would be a mom and a dad.  No, not "officially" but when we are the ones feeding the child, getting up in the night with the child, taking that sweet baby to the doctor and having to give her medicine every day, bathing the child, and changing all of those diapers along with all of the hugs, kisses and love we could give, we are the parents....even if only for a little while.  That even for a little while recently turned into forever.  :)  We don't know the date of when that forever might be.  Could be up to six months.  But that is okay.  From a family of 2 to a family of 5 in 3 months.  It's still a little unbelievable.  In a good way.

Miss Priss-
I couldn't have asked for a more precious baby girl to be my daughter.  God definitely knew what he was doing when he gave you to your daddy and I.  A year ago this week you changed our lives forever.  A friend of mine uses the words custom made to describe her daughter, and you are definitely our custom made baby girl.  You and your brothers make our family complete.  I love it when I take you out in public with your brothers and I get so many "oh, you finally got your baby girl" comments.  You are very well known for your bows and cute frilly clothes.  And I love it that you love it all.  The attention, bows, shoes, and clothes.  :)  I love it that your first sentence was "Uh-oh, bow!"  And you now request "bow" and pat your head when I put you on the changing table in the mornings.  So, of course, I let you wear your bows with your pajamas if it isn't time to get dressed yet.  But even more than all of the frilly clothes and bows, I love your sweet feisty spirit.  I love how much you love to be loved.  You love your hugs and kisses, and you love to give them.  But you have just enough feisty that I am not ever going to have to worry about anyone taking advantage of or running over you.  I know you won't let that happen. And even though it can be a challenge sometimes, I love how independent you are.  I love it that you insist on walking every where by yourself now.  Well, I love it most of the time.  :)  And of course it is just a mom's opinion, but you are so stinking smart!  Sometimes that is not to my advantage.  But I love your smarts anyway.  I love it that our prayers were answered and you are going to be ours forever.  Your Gotcha Day will always be precious to me.  I love you with all my heart. 


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