Thursday, August 8, 2013

David Turns 3

On June 24th our big boy turned 3!  
He loves construction equipment so I went with that for his theme.  Most Saturdays he still asks if he is having another "dump truck party."  "I LOVE my dump truck party!"  :)

It was an extra hot Saturday morning, but this boy loves outside and it is kind of hard to have a dump truck party inside so everyone braved the heat for him.
We had a few refuel stations with bottled water, popsicles, and capri suns.
We did keep the food inside.  :)
We had cupcakes....
And cake!  Its hard to tell in this picture (thankfully) but he had already snuck in the dining room and driven the front loader across the cake!  Ha!  That boy!
Just a few more decor pictures.
He loved this sandbox!
David gave all of his friends a hard hat and a bucket with a coloring book.  He loved it!
He loved opening presents!
He did great blowing out his candles!
Our family of 5!
He was SO excited to have nanny, Aunt Malinda, Uncle Roy, and Rylee and Jordan here!
And he was super excited to have Logan, Braden, and Memama, too!
Thanks again for the pictures, Marianne!
My 3 construction workers!  :)
Thanks again to everyone who came and helped us celebrate David.  He had such a great day!  And just for fun, here he is at his 2nd birthday...
What a difference a year makes!


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