Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forever Day Party: Pirate or Mermaid?

The Saturday after the adoption we had a fun party at our house.  Our celebration was a pirate or mermaid theme.  I had a blast planning the party!
Marianne took pictures for me again.  And I love them!  
We had Oysters (vanilla wafers, strawberry icing, and a marshmallows).
A goldfish bar and cupcakes.
And Pearls (Cream Puffs).  We had lemonade and blue Hawaiian punch to drink. And popsicles and capri suns for the kiddos.
My pirates and my mermaid.
My Mermaid girl.
And her sweet friends Ruby Grace and Harper.
And the super fun water slide!
The boys climbed up the stairs and went down the slide non stop for 2 hours!  Ha!
The kids loved the swords, eye patches, crowns, and wands.  The bubbles were a hit with the little ones, too!
Another shot of the slide.  We are definitely renting one of these again!

Thank you SO much to everyone who came and helped us celebrate one last time that we get to be the forever parents of these 3 precious kids.  A family of still doesn't seem real!


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