Monday, August 12, 2013

Preschool House Open House

We are SO very thankful and excited to have Daniel in an awesome preschool this year!  He is 5 and kindergarten age eligible, but just not quite ready.  So Joe and I decided one more year of preschool would be best for him.  We don't want school to be rough for him.  We want him to be successful from the beginning!  

Saturday his new preschool had an open house.  And I am so very thankful that they did!  He was feeling very apprehensive about going until we went to open house.  Then he was just excited!!
He went right in and started playing!  
Side note:  I am loving my new camera!  These are the first pictures I took with the camera.  And they are not edited at all!
He LOVED this bus!
Have to have the cubby picture.  :)
And he enjoyed his snack.
Mary Blanche and David enjoyed the Preschool House open house, too!
Loving it!  :)
And all got balloons!  What is there not to love about that!?!  We are also so very excited that Daniel get to be at school with Mrs. Nancye.  :)
I have a feeling he is going to have a great year with Mrs. Dena!
Yay for Balloons!!
And yay for Preschool House!


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