Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adoption Day: Part 2

The morning of our adoption was actually the shortest amount of time we have spent in the court room ever!  So we had a full day of fun with family and friends.  First stop:  Memama took us to Chuck E Cheese!
Sweet girl and Poppy!
Silly Boy!
Elliott and Ruby Grace!
Daniel and Daddy!
Rylee and Jordan came too!

We all had a great time!  It wasn't very crowded at all which was super nice.  And, it was a very clean Chuck E Cheese!  Gets an A+ in my book!

Then after lunch we went to Nanny and Poppy's house to rest before the kids big welcome to the family party that night.
Nanny had a sweet cake made for the kiddos!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was way to busy eating the awesome food and chatting with family that we don't get to see much.  I did get a sweet picture of all of the baby girl cousins.
Mary Blanche, Darby, Fallon, and Kaiya.  I'm so excited that MB has these sweet girl cousins to grow up with.  :)
And the boys:  Jordan, Harrison, Daniel, Connor, and David.  Love these boys!  And I love that they have each other to play with at family stuff!

And then we drove home. 

 It was a super special fun filled packed with family and friends day.  Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of it and helped make it special for our kiddos!


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