Thursday, August 15, 2013

Preschool, Tubes, Noses, and Blue Jeans

So thankful I found a minute to blog!  I'm really loving it!

I would like to report that Daniel had a great 1st day of preschool!  Everyone who works there asked me if I was sure I told them about the same child that was there that day.  He did wonderful!!  He was very helpful, made good choices, was respectful, and followed the rules.  I am so proud!  When I picked him up his second day his teacher started with, "Now I see what you were talking about."  :)  But she was very positive and she assured me that they did just fine.  I'm so thankful that he has a teacher that expects the same things out of him that Joe and I do.  And I told her that it was a huge compliment that he was testing her on the second day!  That means he already felt comfortable and knows she loves him.  As long as she stands firm I know they are going to have a great year!
This was this morning before preschool.  He was so very excited to get to wear his new blue jeans!  The weather is wonderful!  But, I haven't found a jacket that I like for him and all of his from last year are too small.  So, we just went with jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  I can't believe it isn't even supposed to get to 80 degrees today.  In August.  In Arkansas.  Awesome and unexpected!  
This mess has been asking me almost daily for a cupcake!  I guess with a party in June and a party in July he got spoiled to having leftover cupcakes for dessert.  Ha!  So when I went to the store last night I picked up a small box of cupcakes.  :)  And he has been missing his brother like crazy!  He has a hard time with change anyway, and then he has had ear infections off and on for the last few months (with tubes in his ears).  So I thought when he got out of his bed for the first time ever on Monday night and showed up next to our bed that he probably had another ear infection.  I was so so very tired that I really don't remember what he said to me.  I just remember picking him up and putting him in our bed.  Next thing I know I am sleeping flat on my back and I hear a loud crack and a very strong pain in my nose.  Yes, he some how flipped over and smacked me right in the nose with the back of his head.  Ouch.  But, I didn't want to go put him back in his bed because I didn't want him to wake his sister up crying because I had to get her up at 6 to go have her second set of tubes put in her ears.  Poor girl can't handle not being able to eat or drink anything.  I didn't want to add tired to her list.  So I toughed it out.  And put the baby gate in front of his door the next night.  :)  And we didn't have any middle of the night visitors.
This girl and her looks!  This is the look I got most of the day on Monday.  Girl just did not feel good!  Thankfully the tubes have really helped!
 Here she is Tuesday morning before her surgery.  Girl loved all of the attention!!  Her pre-op nurse fell in love.  Then her operating room nurse's name was Mary.  When she came out to introduce herself , the conversation went like this:  nurse-Hi, My name is Mary and I am going to be with her in the operating room.  MB- MARY??  :)  She was so proud of herself for saying Mary and then of couse Nurse Mary fell in love with her too.  Then when I went back to recovery to see her she had 4 nurses talking to her.  He post-op nurse told me that almost all kids wake up crying, but not MB.  She opened her eyes and said HI!  And was talking their ears off.  She barely slept at all on Tuesday.  I was hoping for a good long nap after my night of no sleep with her brother.  :)  But she just wanted to dance.  She was cracking me up!  She danced many times to music that I couldn't hear.  And she thought she was hilarious.  And thankfully Memama had come to keep her brother while I took her to surgery so I got my nap even though MB decided to dance instead of sleep.
 Not sure what got into me, but I decided to get rid of most of the play yard and let MB be free.  Well, kind of free.  There are gates up and doors closed where she can only be in the living room.  But still, that is a lot more space than she is used to.  I have part of the play yard blocking off the fireplace so she can't climb up there.  Once she gets used to the extra space I plan on moving that out and just teaching her not to climb.  That may be when she is 4.  (Only kidding, kind of.)  She and David are loving it!  And I don't have too many complaints, yet.  :)  It was time.
Wednesday we spent the afternoon with our favorite doctor.  Daniel woke up Monday (of all days) with a runny nose.  I could tell it wasn't going to get better.  And I was thinking David must have another ear infection the way he was refusing naps and the Monday night incident.  Well, Daniel got some meds and David got a diagnosis of "badness" from our favorite doctor.  :)  Ugh.  That boy is going to be the death of me.  His ears were totally clear.  I am glad, but then his doctor said "there is no other explanation but badness!"  :)  She adores all 3 of our kids, but she has a special love for David and she always has.  So I am A Okay with her calling him bad.  Because we all know it is true.  ;)  Maybe after a week or so of our new normal he will get adjusted again and start sleeping better.  (I really am thankful it wasn't his ears.) 
One last picture before I go of David and Mary Blanche enjoying MBs new freedom.  David only went to timeout 5 times in about an hour for hurting his sister.  That's not too bad.  We are getting there.  :)


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