Monday, August 2, 2010

Sidda So Far...

Sidda is visiting this week while Joe's parents are on vacation, and we have had a great time!
Isn't she cute!?!
Joe and I went to Trumann for a quick visit Saturday and brought Ms. Sidda home with us for a week.
She is such a good car rider!
While in NEA, we went to Matt's sister's wedding.
We always enjoy getting to see Matt and Melissa!  I wish they lived closer!
We had a great time!!
We had a quick dinner at Tamales in Jonesboro with this silly little girl and her Nanny and Poppy before heading home!  I found this shirt for Rylee at Old Navy.  The puppy looks just like Sidda!
Oliver is REALLY unhappy that we brought home a visitor.  He usually pretty much lives in my lap...but not this weekend.  He has gotten out of his window a few times, come in the living room, seen Sidda in my lap, hissed, and gotten back in his window.  Very unhappy kitten!
Sophie is not exactly pleased, but is handling our visitor a little better.  She will at least sniff her!  Ha!
This picture cracks me up!  The last few times Joe and I have taken Percie for a walk at night different dogs have come wondering up and we are not sure if they are friendly or this is how Percie enjoys our walks!  Ha!  She may not look very heavy, but believe me, she is!
Friday morning when I got ready to leave for work, this is what I saw!  Ha!  Under the covers with her head on the pillow.  She is such a mess!
Sorry, I got a little off track.
Back to Sidda.....
Here she is playing with Percie's toy.......
So, Percie stole Sidda's new toy.  Ha!  Jealous!!
Don't ask!  She is such a puppy.  It is like having a toddler around the house.  She does the funniest stuff.  And if she is not asleep you better watch out!  She is so much fun!!!
Sidda in her first dress on our way to Grandmama's house.
Molly LOVES Sidda!  They had the best time playing!
This makes me laugh!!!  It truly shows Molly's goofiness!!!
Molly is so sweet with Sidda.  Holly is um...a pretty cranky dog, and does not appreciate sweet Sidda.  Every time Holly growled at Sidda Molly jumped in between them to make sure Holly did not hurt Sidda.  She may be goofy, but she sure is sweet!
After playing with Molly!  Ha!
Sleepy Sidda!
Percie tries to act like she doesn't like her.  I don't believe her!  Ha!
Molly was pretty tired, too!
Sidda slept even more after we got home!
I was working on tutus and bows while these 2 slept!
Percie doesn't like her or anything!
I did let Sidda take a nap in the bed with me today, and Percie was totally disgusted!  I didn't think she was going to join us, but she changed her mind.  Ha!  
We are having the best time with Sidda!  I hope Nanny and Poppy decide to take a few more vacations so we can keep her!


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