Monday, August 30, 2010

Rylee turns 5

I can't believe Rylee is 5!!  Her birthday weekend was a blast!
(Prepare for picture overload!)
Rylee's 5th birthday party was at the YMCA in Jonesboro.
Jordan swinging on the playground.  This pic cracks me up!
Of course she had a Hannah Montana Party!
Rylee being shy while we sang to her!
These glasses were in the kids goody bags!
Rylee and her cousin Lindsey sporting their new shades!
After cake we got to go swimming!  Jordan had a blast!
And so did everyone else!
Me and the b-day girl.
After stopping to change clothes, Joe and I took Rylee to Memphis shopping for her birthday.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said to go shopping!  She is my girl!  We stopped at Sonic in Trumann on our way, and she she fell asleep before she could finish her lunch!  Ha!
She liked shopping that the Disney store!  She got some Princess and the Frog flip flops and a Princess and the Frog toy.
When we walked in Claire's she said, "Aunt Rae this is my FAVORITE store!".   She found some peace sign sunglasses and some fake bright colored hair!  Ha!  One of her requests when we walked in the mall was some pink and green hair......and we found it!  Ha!
She also enjoyed shopping at Justice for clothes and accessories, Bath and Body Works for lip gloss and hand sanitizer, and Payless for some shoes.
And our last stop:  Build a Bear!
Giving her new bear a bath.  Of course she picked the bear with peace signs on it!  It was definitely her theme for the day......her clothes, necklace, shoes, sun glasses, etc. all had peace signs!  Ha!
Dressing her in the Hannah Montana shirt and skirt she picked out.  She named the bear Rylee because it is her b-day bear!  Ha!
Very proud of her new bear!
Jordan driving his "John Deere".  J-man spent the day with his nanny and poppy.  They went to Tractor Supply.....his favorite store!
Rylee modeling one of her new outfits and her new fake hair!  Ha!
Cheesing for the camera!  
We went to Wal-Mart when we got back to Trumann to look for Uncle Joe some ASU shirts for this fall.  If you hit Wal-Mart early they still have his size, and it is a lot less expensive.  We found him 2 new ASU shirts! 
Jordan also got a new "Red Wolves Jersey!"  He is so cute!  I love his shirt......."Will Trade Sister for Tractor!"  I asked him if he really would and he grinned really big and nodded his head yes!  Ha!  He cracks me up!
 I almost forgot about this picture.  When Rylee and I were in Justice she saw this bracelet that was also paired with a pink one just like it.  She said, "Oh, Aunt Rae, I HAVE to have this."  I asked her if she knew what it meant and she said kind of shocked me that she knew what BFF meant!  Ha!  I asked her who her best friend was, and who she was going to give the other bracelet to.  She looked at me very serious and said, "You.  You are my best friend!"  Now, how could I pass up getting her those bracelets then!  Ha!  So, she wore the pink one all day and I wore the green one.  She was so proud of it!  

We had a great weekend in Trumann for Rylee's 5th B-Day!


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