Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Sidda

Last Wednesday Joe's mom and dad got a new Boston Terrier puppy!  I could not wait to meet her, so Thursday when I got off work mama, Joe, Percie, Molly, and I headed to Trumann to meet Sidda.  I am so glad Molly is doing much better in the car.  She seems to enjoy going now.
Joe and Sidda.  Isn't she cute! 
She is so tiny!
I love her!
This is Percie and Sidda.  Percie is usually a SNOB and will not have anything to do with dogs she doesn't know.  BUT, she LOVED Sidda!  She had the best time playing with her!
Baby Sidda thinking about getting the the pool!  Ha!  She HAD to play outside with the other 4 big dogs.
We ate at Main Street Cafe in Trumann.  It never disappoints!
I'm so glad Tara and Carnell got to join us!
Nanny and Poppy!
Me and mama. 
After dinner we went back to Nanny and Poppy's house to play with Sidda some more!
She is absolutely precious!
I am so excited because while Joe and his family are camping at the Spring River (while I work.  ugghhh!) for their family reunion, mama and I get to keep Sidda!  So, next week expect many many more Sidda pictures!


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