Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spring River 2010

Saturday was Joe's family reunion.  (well one side of his dad's family)  They camp at Many Islands at the Spring River in Hardy every year.  It is always a lot of fun!
On our way.
Joe at lunch.  I think they counted 60 people.  The numbers were down this year.
Charlotte and Joe
Miss Priss
Rylee May
Rylee and Jordan
Dannie and James
Tara and Tony
Malinda, Tara, and me
After lunch everybody went swimming and Tara and I chose to sit in our chairs in the cold river.  Rylee chose to sit with us most of the time!  Ha!  She is so funny.  She pulled her chair right up in between ours.
After we got out of the water we went to eat BBQ at a place in Hardy.  It was great!
Waiting in line...
Waiting patiently
for our food!
The kid table!
Jordan Wesley
Joe and Jimmy
Our yummy BBQ!!
Me and Tara
Sitting outside.  It actually was pretty nice outside Saturday night.
The pretty sunset.
Those mean people at Many Islands won't let you bring your dogs, and we had Baby Sidda and Percie, so we stayed at the Best Western in Hardy.
Percie and Sidda playing
Baby Sidda trying to get on the bed.
She did it!!!
This was right outside our door.  Great to walk the dogs!
Saturday night we played Phase 10 with Tony, Tara, Malinda, and Roy.  
Sunday we slept until 10 and checked out right before 11.  We had to meet Joe's parent's to give Sidda back.  :(
Percie was happy!  Ha!
Sweet Sidda!
Joe saying bye to Sidda.
Then Joe, Percie and I drove around.
The water.
Thunderbird Lake.
Thunderbird Lake is a pretty lake!
The White River in Batesville.  We stopped to let Percie out of the truck for a minute.
Percie was happy.
Someone driving a jet ski in the river.  It really is a pretty river.

We had a great trip.  Hopefully next year it will work out for us to spend more time at the river.


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