Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Reunion of Sisters from DZ OE

Let me start out by saying joining the Delta Zeta Sorority in college was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  This is the best time I've had in a very long time!

About a month ago my DZ sister, Candace, put on her facebook status that she would be in Little Rock for a few weeks in August and asked if anyone would want to get together.  And so it began...
(What would we do without facebook???)
One after another my DZ sisters started posting "I DO!"  
Candace did not aim this just at DZ's, but it was very obvious we were all missing each other and wanted to get together.......
SO, Candace being the awesome sister she is took time away from studying (she is in CRNA school) to plan this under a month......and there were over 50 people there......all by invites on facebook and emails.  Isn't modern technology wonfderful?!?
I received and invite on facebook for "A Little Reunion of Sisters from DZ (Delta Zeta) OE (Omicron Epsilon)" ("Little" turned into pretty big!  Ha!) and immediately responded that I would be there.  
The River Market in Little Rock is awesome!  Great Restaurants and fun "Night Life".  
Candace made dinner reservations at Gusanos and also made hotel reservations for the out of towners at The Double Tree Hotel.  
Great restaurant with awesome staff who took great care of all 50+ of us!  Ha!
Candace and Jenn.
I'm so glad I finally got to meet Jenn.  Not so sure what she thought of all of us.... Ha!
Natalie and Elizabeth
Kelly and Candace
(I took a picture of everyone be prepared for a lot of pictures!)
 Rachel and Jessie
Heather, Tara, and Shannon
(We came to another realization that we should have all had to go by our maiden names that night because we could not for the life of us remember everyone's married names!  Ha!  We all got married AFTER we left DZ, so it was a bit confusing at times!  Ha!)
Becca, Shannon, and Laura
Toni and Angela
Brady and Hollie
(Funny story:  When we were in college we LOVED formals and events when we could bring our date/significant other, so Candace was thoughtful and told everyone to bring their significant other if they wished.  I think maybe 10 came!  Ha!  We just had so much fun together.  We didn't need them!  Ha!  God Bless those brave ones who did Brady!  Ha!  I asked Joe is he wanted to come, and he said "I think I'll pass."  Ha!)
 Becca, Shannon, and Laura
 Chris and Laura
Another brave one!  Ha!
Seana and Liz
Jennifer, me, and Briley
Jenna, Stephanie, and April
Trying to get Liz to stop talking long enough to take the pic!  Ha!
Me and Kelley
Liz and Clara
Veronica and Jenna
Sherri and April
Maria and Casondra
Jeannie, Courtney, and Amy
Sarah and Candace-Big and Lil
Tara and Shannon
Angela, Toni, and Hollie
Candace, April, Heather, and Baby Bryce.
Me and Natalie!  
I'm SO glad Natalie got to come!  It was great to get to spend time with her!  Natalie and I went to preschool together, then met up again in Junior High at church camp (I moved) and became FAST best friends through high school, college, and still now!  I think it is awesome that we got share being DZ's together!  It is even more awesome that she and her family only live 15 minutes away from Joe and I!!  So we still get to do life together!
I will share more about this picture at a later date.  I don't won't to ruin the surprise!
A lot of us that were at dinner.  I think I counted 36 DZs!
One end of the never ending table!
The other end of the never ending table!
After dinner, of course we had to stop at the ATM before heading out!
We headed across the street to Willy D's!
I am going to just let the pictures speak for themselves!  Ha!
Yes, that is almost all DZ's!
These girls finally showed up!  Ha!
Jessica, Niki, Michelle, Andrea, DeAnne, Laura, and me
We spent a lot of time laughing at Laura!  Love you Laura!  Ha!
I love this girl!  I'm so glad we still have so much we can share together!
They played the BEST music.  All of the dance music that was popular when we were in college!  Specifically Rosa Parks!!!  We have still got it girls!!
So glad Michelle (in the white shirt) got to join us!!
I think April was reciting all of the lyrics to Regulator!! Ha!  Good times!
Jessica and DeAnne-Lil and Big Sis
Elizabeth-the famous tree!  She talked about where her stump was all night!  Ha!  She still says they should have moved it to the new Sigma Pi House!  Ha! 
April was her branch, and Jenna is getting down with her water bottle!  Ha!  Elizabeth was missing a branch....Carrie!  Love the look on Liz's face!
Yes, I had my purse on my shoulder because we were leaving oh, about 30 minutes before this picture was finally happened around 2:00 a.m.  Ha!
C and Liz leave the building!  Ha!  We closed the place down!
Saying our goodbyes.  I'm sure they were laughing at Liz!  Ha!
Liz, Natalie, and Briley on the way to the car.  They were nice enough to walk to the parking garage with me so I didn't have to walk by myself.  Then I drove them to the Double Tree.  
Funny Story:  Elizabeth really wanted me to spend the night with them.  She asked oh, a few hundred times!  Ha!  But I had to get up early the next morning to go to Joe's family reunion, so I drove home.  I pulled up in the circle drive in front of the hotel to drop them off, and Liz says "Rae, you can't park there!"  Me, "I know Liz.  I am just dropping you guys off."  Liz, "Oh, I thought you were spending the night!"  Everyone cracks up!  Gotta love her!!

I can't say enough times how much fun I had.  It was really cool to see how much we all still have in common.  One thing I love about being a DZ is that we could/can all be ourselves as different as that may be, but we all have so much in common.  When talking about what to wear to the reunion, a wise DZ said,  "It doesn't matter.  There will be girls dressed in everything from formals to shorts and t-shirts.  That is what I love about it!"  That is one thing I love about us, too!!  
We will do this again......and we won't wait 8 years this time!
And for all of you guys who didn't get to come.....I highly suggest you do next time.  You won't regret it!


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