Monday, August 9, 2010

Gonna have to break this up...

Joe and I had a lot more going on last week than we usually do, so I'm going to split up our week into 3 posts.  If I did one long one I'm Afraid I would lose everyone!  ha!
We had a great time with Miss Sidda Lee! 
Miss Sidda asleep on her back! Ha!
I love this!  Sidda loves Percie!
Not so sure Percie returns the love....but she will eventually!  Ha!
Sweet baby Sidda!  I miss her so much!  I would keep her forever, but I think Nanny and Poppy are pretty attached, too!  Don't think they would give her up!
Wednesday night, Mama and I took Percie, Sidda, and Molly to Petco and Petsmart in N. Little Rock. 
This is Percie and Sidda in Petco.
Molly prefers to walk instead of ride.
She loves to sniff EVERYTHING!
Molly, Percie, and Sidda got some chew bones, new toys, and treats. I got a great deal on some toys!  The package was originally $20.99 but marked down to $2.00!!!!  They are tough toys so they are good for Sidda's teething and maybe, MAYBE Molly can't tear them up as easily!  Ha!  I spent a total of $5.89 at Petco!
Percie and Sidda in Petsmart.  Sidda didn't last long in the buggy.  She prefers to be held!  Ha! 
Percie outside Petsmart.
Precious Sidda! 
Molly was very interested in the birds at Petsmart!
Percie on the way home.
Molly and Sidda on the way home.  Sidda insisted on sitting in the back with the big dogs.  She is such a mess!  Nanny and Poppy definitely have their hands full!!

Hopefully Sidda will get to come back and visit soon!


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