Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Made a Stop Along the Way......

in Texarkana to see the Gants.
I asked Corbin if I could take his picture, and he said yes and started dancing!  This was the best shot I got!  Ha!

Carson is growing like crazy!!  Both of the Gant boys are so cute!!

Corbin had a great time playing with Molly and Percie.  It was great for them!!

It was Carson's favorite time......meal time!  Isn't he precious!?!

Corbin played with Uncle Joe some, too.  Man I wish I had half of that boy's energy!  

Carson decided to have a cracker, too.  He was cracking me up.....every time I would take a picture, he would smile after it flashed.  He definitely knows what to do, he just doesn't quite have it down yet!  He is such a sweet boy!
I'm glad we got to see the Gants.  I just hate it that the visit was so short!


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