Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saturday games 2-20-10

On Saturday morning we got up and got ready for the day of games.  I love watching them play sports.  I hated it that some of their games were at the same time, so I didn't get to watch all of them.  Mama was the transportation, I was assigned to Braden, and Joe was assigned to Logan.
Braden and his friends.  We started off the day at Braden's soccer game.

He did so good!  He scored his teams 2 goals!!

He played so hard!

Good game.

Joe and Logan were at his basketball game at the YMCA.  It is such a neat old building.

I think it is one else might, but we don't have any buildings like this in Beebe!  Ha!

Joe and Logan after Logan's game.

I don't know what Joe was doing!

Then we went to lacrosse.  Joe stayed with Logan while we ran some errands.

after lacrosse we ate lunch at Olive Garden.

Logan had fettucini alfredo and Braden had mac-n-cheese.
Joe had some kind of seafood pasta.

Us leaving Olive Garden.

Mama and I left the boys at home and did a little shopping.  There was a dress at Old Navy that I really wanted and they don't have it in my size any where around here and they don't sell it online.  So, I decided to try Shreveport Old Navy.  THEY HAD IT!!  Yay!!  I would show you a picture of it, but it is being altered right now.  It is too long.......imagine that!

After a little shopping, it was time for Braden's basketball game.

He did a great job!

The boys after the game.

After the basketball game we went back to the Reeder's house to relax.  The boys played more games.  But they sat still for these games.  Ha!

Logan, Joe, and Braden went to Game Stop to spend Logan's gift card he got for his birthday.  He got a new game for his DS.

Then they played some more.  Molly made herself comfortable on Braden's lap!
We had a great Saturday in Shreveport!


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