Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings 2-21-10

On Sunday, Mattilyn's soccer team was having a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings, so that is where we had lunch.
I had never eaten there, but it was great!

Can you tell they are tired of me taking their picture?

Reading the trivia questions.

And then they decided to play.  They did pretty good!

Logan eating wings and still playing trivia!  He was so funny.  Before we went in he told Joe that the last time he ate there he got boneless wing and it was just like chicken nuggets with the sauce on it.  He said he wanted the REAL wing this time.....the ones with the bones in them.  Ha!

Joe got the REAL wings, too.

Then we went to Logan's basketball practice at the other YMCA.  He had a great time practicing, 

and Braden had a great time playing in grandmama's sun roof.
After we picked Logan up, we had to go back to the Reeder's house and load the car to head out of town.  We met their cousin Kassie there.  She had boy duty until Jeannie, Lon, and Mattilyn got home from San Antonio later that night.  Braden had another soccer game, then they just played.  I know they had a great time!

We had a great weekend in Shreveport.  We missed seeing Jeannie, Mattilyn, and Lon, but it was fun spending time with the boys!


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