Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Shreveport We Go 2-19-10

On Friday, February 19, Joe
and I headed to Shreveport.  Mattilyn had soccer games in San Antonio, Texas.  Her brothers had soccer, basketball, and lacrosse planned for the weekend, so Mama, Joe and I happily spent the weekend with them so they would not miss their games.
I LOVE this picture!  They are so silly!

Molly was happy to be out of the crate.  I sure hope she out grows her car sickness!

Percie was happy to be there, too!

On February 14, 2010, Logan turned 10 years-old!  Joe and I took him his presents, and of couse he opened them as soon as we got there!

He was saying, "Now this is what I wanted!!"  LOL!  He is so funny!  I gave him his presents in a certain order on purpose.  I gave him the under armor t-shirt 1st because Shreveport was out of all long sleve under armor, so I knew he would be excited.  But, what he really wanted was an under armor hoodie, so I gave him this one second.
But, what he REALLY wanted was the under armor hoodie with the big symbol on the front.  

So, that was the last gift he opened.  I know he will enjoy wearing them all, but this was his favorite!

The boys were pretty tired, so they soon headed to bed.

Stay tuned for Saturday.....


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