Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Will Be Missed

This week Annslie's grandfather, Men Daddy, passed away. This picture was Men Daddy, Annslie, and Mama Ann in July 2009. Men Daddy was a great man and a great grandfather to Annslie. I loved to visit Mama Ann and Men Daddy's house. He always made me feel welcome.
It was definitely a sad time, but I was so glad I got to meet this little girl for the first time! This is Brecken Elizabeth Hurd and her mama, Kristy Hurd. Isn't she cute!?!
It was good to get to see Kristy (who lives in West Virginia), Brie'Anne (who lives in Prescott), and Annslie. I hope we were a good distraction and made the day a little easier for Annslie.

Please pray for Annslie and her family. There are tough times ahead.


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