Monday, September 28, 2009

A Weekend in Shreveport (part 2)

After the ball games, we headed back to the Reeder's house for some birthday cake. Braden picked out this cake for grandmama. Check out the came with the cake!!
Logan left for a birthday party, and Mattilyn and Braden had a great time playing with Percie!! They threw her toy, chased her, and played fetch outside with her tennis ball. All three of them had a great time!
We went to Cantina Laredo for for mama's birthday dinner. It was great!! Doesn't Mattilyn look just like Jeannie!?!
Braden wanted me to take his picture with grandmama!
After dinner we went back to the Reeder's to make an Indian girl costume for Mattilyn for Colonial Day at her school. Okay, so maybe mama made most of it, but Jeannie and I did help!
And maybe we had a little fun, too!
The finished product! I think Mattilyn will be the cutest Indian girl at her school!
Here's the back of the costume.
Percie says she had a great time at her Aunt Jeannie's!!


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