Monday, September 7, 2009

Percie says "Go Hogs!"

Joe and I went to the season opener for the Razorbacks at War Memorial in Little Rock on Saturday with the Gants.
Percie cheering on those Hogs!
Percie says girls can wear jerseys, too.
(Especially when the jersey has her daddy's high school number on it!) Teaching Carson to call those Hogs before we left for the game. Carson got to stay with Grandma Bonnie and watch football on the TV while his mom and dad went with Aunt Rae and Uncle Joe to the game. Isn't he precious!! I just love those cheeks!!Due to rain and crazy traffic we didn't get to the game as early as we wished, so there was no tailgating this game. But we already have plans for November 21 to arrive much earlier if weather permits!!Christy and Crunch before heading into the game. We parked AS FAR AS YOU CAN GET from the stadium. Whew....I was tired when we finally made it to the stadium!!Whoooooo Pig!! I was so excited when we walked up the ramp and our seats were right there!! No climbing to the top of the stadium!! We had great seats. We were right next to the band. There were 4 people between us and the percussion section. I'm so glad we have the same seats for November 21. Thank you so much Christy and Crunch for inviting us to come!!

Here are the Gants at Chili's. Since there was no tailgating, there was no eating. (I did buy a $4 bottle of water and dropped it when it was only half way gone. Ughh! I decided just to be thirsty the rest of the game and not pay another $4 for a bottle of water.) So after the game we headed to Chili's in N. Little Rock. We were hoping the crowds wouldn't be as bad in N. Little Rock, and we were right!! We walked right in and got a table, and the food was great!!

Thanks again to the Gants for a great time at the game!!

(Oh yeah...and the Hogs won 48 to 10 over Missouri State. I hope they keep it up!)


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