Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joe's Birthday Dinner, Take 2

Joe had to work the weekend of his birthday, so we went to Trumann to celebrate with his family this weekend. First we stopped by Malinda and Roy's new house in Jonesboro. I love it!! And I love Rylee! I hadn't been there 5 minutes, and she was saying, "Aunt Rae will you fix my hair?, Aunt Rae will you paint my toe nails?, Aunt Rae will you paint my finger nails?, Aunt Rae I'm gonna wear my necklace just like you." She is so girly, and I love it!! After we got her hair fixed, her toe nails and finger nails painted, and necklace on we headed to Ron's Catfish House for supper.
Jordan enjoyed his french fries!
And Joe enjoyed the seafood!
Rylee and Jordan were so good, and we had a great dinner!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner, Joe!!


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