Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Molly!

On Sunday, September 6, 2009, mama's puppy Molly turned one. So of course molly had a birthday cake!! Molly loved her cake so much, that I barely got a picture before her piece of cake was gone!

Here is Molly with her cake! Her dress even matched her cake!!

Percie put her dress on and came to Molly's birthday party! She had a great time!!

Carson says "Happy Birthday Molly!" He is the happiest 4 month-old. He is always smiling and laughing. So cute!!

Molly got gates on her fence for her birthday!! Thank you so much Joe and Crunch for building the gates!! Molly and her mama appreciate it!!

Molly loves her new fence. She sits in front of mama and stares at her until mama lets her out. Then Molly runs, runs, and runs some more. When she is ready to come back in, she sits on the back porch and waits for mama to let her in. Percie enjoys running in Molly's backyard with her, too!

(I tried to get a picture of them running, but they are too fast!!)

Happy Birthday Molly! I hope you enjoy your fence!


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Jenna said...

Aww! Happy birthday Molly!