Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guess Who Came to Visit...

We found out Friday that Percie's thyroid level is off, which we suspected. The vet put her on thyroid medicine that she has to take twice a day. She is really getting used to this taking medicine thing (aka getting to eat a slice of cheese). I hope the medicine makes her feel better, and makes the hair grow back on her back. (She had surgery in April to have a cyst removed and they had to shave her back. The hair has never grown back.)

Joe and I met Annslie at Red Lobster in Little Rock Friday night for dinner.

While we were there I got a message that the Gant's were on there way to Beebe! Yeah! Joe and I stopped by Wal-mart on our way home to get a few groceries (it was payday), and then went to mama's to see Crunch, Christy, Corbin, and Carson.

Carson has grown SO much! Isn't he cute?! I just love his cheeks! Nothing is cuter than a chubby baby!

And Corbin is getting SO tall! Look at that grin. Isn't he cute?!I had a great time playing cars with Corbin! (Percie was jealous. She kept getting in the way. Corbin would tell her "move Percie!")

I also had fun snuggling with Carson. I can't believe he is already 3 months old!

This is where Molly spent most of her time because she was a little too excited that she had visitors!Joe's mom and dad came on Saturday to work on the fence they are building for mama's huge yard. I am so thankful that they are willing and able to build this fence. Molly really needs a place to run, and I am not the handy type. I don't know the first thing about building a fence. Thankfully Joe's toes are better, and he helped his mom and dad work on the fence all day! They got so much done!! Now it is just time for the planks. Joe told me that the hard part is done, and it should be easier to get all the planks up. I can't even imagine how many planks it will take for this fence!

I will leave you with a picture of Christy and Carson. I just can't get over how cute he is!!

Thank you Gant's so much for coming to visit! And thank you so much Dannie and Charlotte for working on the fence!



Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

I know...I love that song! I have never heard it before at all. That David Letterman episode was in 2007! I am way behind! By the way, I love the puppy pics in the last post!!! Precious...our boys have outfits too! We spoil them rotten!

Laurie said...

We have a cat that we have to medicate. She does good taking her pills in a treat. Love Red Lobster!