Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Petsmart Fun

Last Thursday (I am a little behind), Joe, mama, Percie, Molly, and I made a trip to Petsmart.Molly and Percie in their matching dresses. Aren't they cute?! I found these dresses at the Cornerstone Shoppe in Mt. View. They have the cutest dog clothes. I'm afraid they are not going to sell them anymore though. They had marked everything down to 75% off. (These dresses included! I love a good deal!)Molly likes to walk around Petsmart on her leash...and Percie likes riding in the buggy.

Poor Molly gets so car sick. We gave her Dramamine and she did not get sick on the way there. BUT, we decided to go to Petco after Petsmart, and she got sick on that short drive. Poor Molly! She hates riding in the car, because she knows she is going to get sick. You have to pick her up and make her get in. Percie got car sick when she was a puppy, so hopefully Molly will grow out of it!

Percie rode in Joe's lap on the way home. (I cut off her ears in this picture. It is so hard to get a good picture of her with the delay on my camera.)

And Molly rode on the dog bed in the back seat. Molly got some new toys (she is very rough on her toys) and some chew bones (she goes through at least one a day). The cats got a new scratching pad. Percie also got a few chew bones. She is so funny. She has never wanted a chew bone at our house. She will chew them at Nanny and Poppy's house because Max and Angel are there, and she will chew them at mama's house because Molly and Holly are there. She loves to take the bones away from Max, Angel, and Molly. (She doesn't mess with Holly.) So we decided to get a few for our house to try again. No luck. The only time she will touch it is when Joe throws it playing fetch with her. She will bring it back to him, but not chew on it. I bet if we took it to mama's house and Molly even looked at it she would chew it!

I'm sorry Molly got sick, but other than that we had a great trip to Petsmart!


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Leslie said...

I am so glad that I found your blog! Looks like you are doing well.