Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Week...

Joe and I stayed at mama's house last week so she could visit my sister and her family before everyone goes back to school. Mama's house is busy with all of her critters.Meet Molly. She is a 11 month-old boston terrier. She looks sweet in this picture, but don't let it fool you. She is such a mess!! She definitely makes us laugh!! Meet Holly. She is an 11 year-old lasso apso. You will mostly find Holly sitting in mama's chair (if you out her up there) or sleeping on her dog bed on the floor.

Meet Eustacia Vi, AKA Stacy. Stacy is a good cat. The cats love sleeping in this bowl!

Meet Emily Katherine. She is a very large cat. She and Molly definitely fit in the mess category together. They even play together. Emily is a very friendly cat!

Meet Stella. (Yes, she is on the dining room table) She is the smallest of the cats. She is very sweet and loves to climb. There is not a surface in the house (including the mantle) that Stella has not been on. She loves it above the kitchen cabinets.

And of course Percie stayed with us, too. Molly has always loved Percie, but Percie did not return the love. Percie has recently decided to tolerate Molly. She will play with her, and let her lay beside her. Molly licks Percie all over her face! It is so cute! I will try to get a picture of them playing tug-a-war. It is too funny!

We had a busy but good week taking care of the critters!


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