Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rylee Turns 4

Yesterday was my niece Rylee's 4th Birthday. When I got off work we headed to Bay to Malinda and Roy's house for Rylee's party. The sky was crazy looking. The picture above is what the sky looked like out my window in the car. There are a few clouds, but the sun is shining. This is what the sky looked like out Joe's window in the car. It was totally dark with crazy clouds. The wind blew really hard and it rained on us some, but thankfully not the whole way. Here is Rylee with her number 4 shirt with her name on it that her mama made. Isn't it cute!

Rylee loves horses. Her mama made and decorated this cake. She is so talented! Doesn't it look great?!

Here is Rylee blowing out her candles. She loved everyone singing happy birthday to her!Eating the cake and ice cream is the best part!Rylee loves opening presents. She requested baby stuff "like diapers and bibs". So of course Aunt Rae and Uncle Joe got baby stuff...diapers and bibs included. She is so girly, and I love it!

Already giving her baby a bath in the baby bath tub we got her. I wonder how long it will take her to realize she could put real water in there and not "just pretend". If I know Rylee, it won't take long!

Rylee also requested that Percie come to her birthday party. Isn't that funny?! So, of course we took Percie, and she loved all of the attention. Rylee was so happy to see her!

Happy 4th Birthday Rylee. Thanks for letting us come to your party!


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