Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Percie Has Hair!!

I guess fur is really the correct word, but Percie does not know she is a dog. So we are going to go with hair!! Percie's thyroid medicine is working great, and you can barely tell where her hair was shaved!!See!! You can kind of see the square where her hair is growing back. I wish I had a before picture. I haven't really been able to tell a difference in Percie since she has been on the medicine except for the hair growing back. I hope the medicine helps her feel good, though. If it keeps her hair from falling out, we will definitely continue it!

Sorry (to the 2 people who read my blog) that I haven't updated recently. Not much has been going on. All of the guys moved back in the dorm this weekend, so Joe has been super busy. The first week of school is always crazy!! So we haven't been doing much worth blogging about. One thing I am really excited about is that ASU Beebe is now a smoke free campus!! It is so nice to be able to walk into the apartment and not have 50 guys standing outside our door smoking!! (Well maybe not 50, but it sure seems like it!) I can't wait until the weather gets a little cooler and we can prop our front door open (we don't have a window in our living room) and let the fresh air in. We have tried to do this on numerous occasions, and someone always comes outside to smoke. So we have to close the door or our apartment will soon be smelling like an ash tray.

Tonight Joe and I went to mama's and she grilled pork chops and chicken breasts. It was great! Molly enjoyed playing with Percie!

Aren't they cute?! They played tug-a-war with this bone for a Joe's lap of course. They love sitting with him in the recliner.

Percie kept turning her head so Molly couldn't get the bone. She does this to Joe and I when we play with her, too. She is so funny!! (At least we think so!)

Oh, and mama and I are official members of First United Methodist Church Beebe. We transferred our membership last Sunday. Yeah! I have been attending this church off and on since we moved here, but never transferred my membership. Now it is official, and I am glad.

We do have plans this weekend, so as long as I don't forget my camera I should have something to blog about!


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