Sunday, January 2, 2011

Preparing For Christmas 2010

Joe and I had a great time at some awesome Christmas parties this year!  I had my work party, Joe's work party, my church party, and Maranda and Josh's Tacky Christmas Sweater party!  So much fun!!  I just had to throw a few pictures of Percie in there, too!

 December is a very busy month!  It is a busy month for everyone, but Joe and I had this bright idea to get married in December.....which makes this month even busier every year because along with everything else, we have to find time to celebrate our anniversary!  Joe and I started dating on December 1, 2001.  He proposed on December 15, 2002.  We got married on December 20, 2003.  Lots of anniversaries in December! We decided to go back to Hot Springs this year.  We had a great time!

I'm so glad Percie went with us for our anniversary trip!  We had a blast!
Happy belated 7 years of marriage Joe!  It has been a great 7 years!!


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