Saturday, January 1, 2011

Carie's Baby Shower

Planning Carie's baby shower was so much fun!  I neglected the blog for so long, that Baby Kennedy will be here in 6 days!  I can't wait to meet her!
We decided on
"Ribbons, Pearls, and Dresses to Twirl.  Carie's Having Another Girl!"
for the shower theme.  SO girly and SO much fun!

We had an awesome time!  Mrs. Nancye, Carie's mom, provided the place and the party food!  Thanks so much Mrs. Nancye!  Natalie made the awesome cupcakes!!  And Ms. Bella and Ms. Kayt were the stars of the shower!
I can't wait to meet Kennedy!!


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Carie said...

Thanks again for all the work you did! We loved every minute of it!