Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Saturday!

On Saturday, January 15, Joe, Percie, and I had planned on having our family pictures done by one of my college roommates, Stacy Howell, from Cloud Dust Photography.......
BUT I woke up SICK on Friday morning.  I went to the doctor and just have the normal sinus and ear infection......but my face was SO swollen and my eyes were red and yucky looking!!  Ugh!!  I was so disappointed!!  Besides Stacy is an absolutely wonderful photographer and I was really looking forward to getting a great new picture of Percie, I was also looking forward to spending the afternoon in Hot Springs with Joe and Percie.

So, I rested Saturday morning, and then Joe and I took Percie to Searcy for a little fun.

First we took her to the park and she got to play ball!  Her favorite!!
Then Percie and I walked around Petsense while Joe got his hair cut!

After Joe finished with his hair cut, he joined us at Petsense.
We found Percie's Birthday present!!  She turns 6 on February 5th, and we recently (along with the vets help) discovered Percie has food allergies.  Yes, I know......she was meant to be my dog!  Ha!  Bless her heart!  So, now Percie can only eat prescription dog food.  I mean ONLY prescription dog food.....she can't even have dog treats!  We do not usually give her people food (she is usually not interested), but she loves her dog treats!  Poor Percie!
She is also taking an antibiotic, steroid, her normal thyroid meds, and benedryl at night.  After this week we will be finished with the meds (except the thyroid...that's for life) and hopefully she will be 100%.  So, the next dilima is that Percie does not like to take pills......she does however love cheese, so we give her her pills in cheese.......well, not any more!  SHE CAN'T HAVE CHEESE!  So, we got some of the wet (yuck!) prescription dog food and we dip her pills (YUCK!) in it so she will take them.  Yes, I love my dog.
Good news....she LOVES her new food and eats it ALL immediately after we put it in her bowl.
So, anyway.....back to our day.  After Joe got his haircut (you should enlarge the pics from the park and then the pics after and see the difference!) and we finished shopping for something for Percie for her birthday other than a treat we stopped by Froyo to get Joe a treat!

Joe got some sugar free vanilla with strawberries and pecans!  He loved it!
 And then when we got home.....I cooked.  If you know me, you know what a miracle that is!  HA!  I have been cooking more often lately, and I am really enjoying it.  This is for Joe, not for me.  It is salmon, onions, and mushrooms.

We had a good Saturday together!


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