Monday, May 24, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 7

Our last sad!
It was another relaxing day at sea.
Joe at breakfast.
Me at breakfast.  I wasn't ready...
Okay, so of course this being the most eventful vacation........the last day couldn't not go without event.  At 11:00 a.m. there was a debarkation talk by Lenny, the Cruise Director, to let us know what was going to happen the next morning.  We were getting ready to go, and Joe noticed the crew running around like crazy on the top deck at the back of the boat.  They were stacking up all the deck chairs and moving them.  We heard people talking and found out their was a medical emergency and Coast Guard was coming by helicopter.  Joe loves that kind of stuff, so he stayed to watch while I went to the talk so we would know what to do to get off the ship.  We agreed to meet at the room when everything was over.  I left the camera with him.  During the talk, Lenny let everyone know that their was a medical emergency, so the Captain was not going to be able to come because we were picking up speed so we could meet the Coast Guard.  He said they were not sure yet if the Coast Guard was going to send a boat or helicopter.
As you can see, they sent the helicopter.  I went up to the 9th deck to look for Joe and saw a million people and said never mind.  I decided to go back to the room and pack and get stuff ready for the next morning.  I was in the room and heard the helicopter coming.  Then I almost fell over because the boat turned very sharp.  They made an announcement that they made that turn so that the wind was the right direction for the Coast Guard. 
They dropped a guy from the Coast Guard down.....
Then they dropped down a basket, loaded the lady in it, and took it back up.  Then they took the Coast Guard guy back up and took off quickly.  We were not too far from Louisiana, so I am sure that is where they took her.  Joe said a cruise staff member told him she had a massive heart attack and they could not handle her needs on the ship.  So scary!  Her family had to stay on the ship.  They did not get to go with her.  I can't imagine.
All of the people watching.

I got all of the clothes packed and everything organized during all of the excitement.
We were trying to take a picture, and it was so windy!  Attempt 1.
Attempt 2.
Attempt 3.
Attempt 4.  We gave up!  ha.
 Our view.
After everything calmed down I went swimming and laid out by the pool.
Joe took a nap.
Then we got ready for our last dinner.  This 2 person table is where we sat all week.
Here we are entering the Mississippi.
Joe at dinner.
Me at dinner.
Us at our last dinner.
These are the nice group of people that sat next to us.
While we were at dinner, we entered into the Mississippi.  Right before we entered the river, we saw dolphins playing in the wake of the ship.  There were probably 10 or 15 of them.
Entering into the river.
Joe's apple pie.
 This is Ilona and Miladen.  Miladen was our head waiter all week, and Ilona was our assistant waitress all week.  They were great!
The view from our balcony.  I saw cows.  They are hard to see in the picture, but I promise they are there.
The yucky water.
When we came back to our room, we found a sting ray.
Us in the wind.
We decided to go walking around, and found the miniature golf course.
We had a GREAT last day on the cruise.
The next morning we got up at 6.  We decided to take our own luggage off the get off hours earlier if you do this.  We were in our car in the parking garage at 7:15 and on our way home.  We got to Beebe at 3:30 p.m.  Not a bad drive.
It was an awesome trip.  A wonderful cruise.  I can't wait to go again!


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