Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 3

We arrived in Key West around 10:00 a.m.  Joe and I got up and got ready and went to the breakfast buffet before getting off the ship.  These are some pictures of our view from our balcony.
Gorgeous water!
It was very humid.  The forecast said 96% humidity!
An island off Key West.
Joe at breakfast.
Me at breakfast.
Us when we got off the boat in Key West.
Our ship.
Key West.  It was so nice!
A cute ice cream parlor.
This store was awesome!  I got a necklace, and wish I had gotten more.  Their stuff was so cute!!
I love key lime pie!
This store is so great!  All of their stuff changes color in sunlight.  The t-shirts are black and white, and when you walk out in the sun they get very colorful.  It is awesome!
Most of the places I went were on Duval Street.
Fresh Produce and Chico's!!!
Chico's, Claire's, and Bath and Body Works.......I could definitely live here!!
Joe and I stopped in Hagan Daas for some water.
It was HOT outside!
They had this awesome hammock store.  The guy that owned it made all of the hammocks!
We went in this store that had little girl clothes on one side and dog clothes on the other!  ha.  We found a handmade in Key West dress for Percie.  It is SO cute on her.  I will have to take a picture and add it.
This was the name of the store.
Making our way down Duval Street.
To the ocean!  It was beautiful!
This is one of the beaches.  There was a pier that went out over the water,
and I sat down and put my feet in the water.  It felt great!  It was so cool!!
Then we made our way to the southernmost point int he continental United States.  There was a long line of people waiting to get their picture made.  There was a couple in line behind us, and I asked them if they would take our picture.  And I offered to take their picture when it was their turn.  Worked out great!!
Joe got a bottle of water,
and I got a snow cone from
this guy in this truck.  It was awesome!  Joe decided to take a different way back to the boat and go by some military something.  He just told me it was the Coast Guard Cutters-A World War II Patrol Boat.  He said my grandfather was on one.  It is nice that he knows these things!  Ha!
I wanted to stop in a few more places on Duval on my way back, so we parted ways.  Don't worry......Key West is very safe.  He left me the map......if you know me very well you probably LOL at that statement.  I am not the best map reader and have NO sense of direction!  He said it made him feel better to leave it with me. I don't know why.....
I stopped at this place and finished my snow cone.
And they had a water bowel for dogs.  Key West was very dog friendly.  Almost all of the places let you bring your dogs inside and there were a lot of people walking their dogs.  There were also a lot of "doggie bars".  They were varying sizes of water bowls next to the bar!  Ha!
I got a cute Key West shirt in this store.
I went in this doggie shop because they had doggie stuff, and puppies!!!
I went in the original Margaritaville!
And they had a dog wall of fame of all of the dogs who had visited from other places.
Isn't this hilarious?!?
They had Vera in the Fresh Produce shop.  Love it!
There is a funny story behind this picture.  Okay, so I remembered that we walked down Green Street to get to Duval Street.  So, when I got the the corner of Duval and Green I knew I needed to turn.......I just did not know which way.  I was really tired and did not want to go the wrong way and then have to turn around and go back.  I look both ways, and when I looked right I could barely see the red white and blue of the Carnival ship.  If you look really hard behind the red building you can see it.  I was so happy to see the ship!!  I knew which way to go!! Whew!
Yay!  Joe and I had decided to meet back in our room.  I beat him!  I was already out of the shower by the time he got back.  He got lost!  Ha!  He said the map was wrong........whatever!!  We were hot and tired, so he took a shower while I ordered room service for lunch.
I had a .......ham and cheese.  Surprise!
He had a reuban.  Then we took a nap.......and slept through dinner.
When we got up we went up to the Lido deck and had a sandwich.  
Joe had a salmon on a bagel......

I had a hot ham and cheese.
We watched the sun set.
Then we went to the show.  It was a hypnotist.  It was kind of lame, so we left.  We went and looked at our pictures that we had had taken.  We saw Preston and Farren and laughed together at how bad our pictures were.  Needless to say we did not purchase any!
There is a library on the ship, and Joe wanted to check it out.
He got this book on ships to read.  He said it was one he almost bought one time, so he was pretty excited to get to read it.
When we got back to our room-Room number 6209 (we were on the 6th deck up----way above the water level!)-we found
An elephant!
Joe and the elephant.
We sat out on the balcony for a minute (OMG look at how red my shoulders are.  I have to give Joe props.  He carried my bag all the way around Key West because it hurt so bad to put it on my shoulders!  This burn is from the day before-our day at sea.  Ouch!), then we headed to bed.  We have a great day at the beach in Freeport, Bahamas planned for the next day.
One last look at the water in Key West.


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