Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 5

We arrived in Nassau, Bahamas at 7:00 a.m.  Our trip was leaving at 8:45 a.m.  So we ate a little breakfast and went to meet our group. 
The view from our balcony.  Notice the clouds.
A few minutes later, this ship pulled up.  This is the one we were on last time.
Our view.
Our ship.
The water.
Us about to go snorkeling.  I promise I wore sunscreen.......that is just how white I was!!
Palm trees on our walk to the sail boat.
Shopping I was noticing and making note in my head to go back to after our snorkeling trip.  Poor Joe!  ha.
Our sail boat.
The water off the pier.  Look at all of those shells!
A pretty conch shell.
The Seahorse Sail Boat.
It was a pretty big boat.
Senor Frogs.
4 of the ships that were in Nassau that day. (notice the clouds.  uugghhhh!)
We saw the Atlantis Resort on our way to the reef.  We saw many pretty homes and boats, but I won't bore you with all of the pictures.
Joe ready to snorkel.
Me ready to snorkel.
Some of the crew on the boat.  The guy on the right (Patrick) reminded me of Brian Greenleaf (from colorguard) SO much.  Same personality-different accent.  He was so funny.  The guy on the left is Brent, the lifeguard.  He was super nice.
This guy actually sailed the boat.  He definitely knew what he was doing!
Us after we snorkeled.  It was SO awesome!  We bought snorkels on the cruise ship. (even though they say they sanitize them, I just can't put something in my mouth that I know someone else has had in theirs!)  It was a 3.5 hour trip total.  We motored out to the reef for 45 minutes.  We snorkeled for 1 hour.  Joe and I stayed out there the whole hour.  It was beautiful.  If I have one regret from the trip it was not buying an under water camera to take snorkeling.  When we went snorkeling in Cozmel the reef was 20 feet under the water, so it was kind of hard to see the big fish.  This reef was only 8 feet under the water.  The water was cool, and felt great!  The water was SO clear, and their were fish EVERY WHERE!  I had a few tiger striped fish run into my goggles!  Most of the corral was mustard yellow brain corral.  I had never heard of brain corral, but when we got out of the water I asked Joe why all of the corral looked like brains, and he laughed and said it was brain corral.  Never heard of it.  But it does look JUST like pictures I've seen of brains.  Can't say I've actually seen a real brain, but pictures.  We also saw purple, blue, and orange corral.  We saw SO many different fish.  Some big, some small.  The tiger striped fish were EVERY WHERE!  I really like the blue fish.  They looked electric!  I really wish I had pictures!

Of course our trip could not be uneventful.  When Joe and I were going down the ladder to get in the water to snorkel, an older woman swam up to the boat and I could tell she was having trouble breathing.  Joe and I jumped in to get out of her way so she could get back in the boat.  She couldn't go up the ladder, so I swam to the front of the boat and told Patrick a lady needed help.  Joe helped her from behind, and Patrick helped her from the front.  I really thought she was having a heart attack, but a paramedic on board checked her out and thank goodness she was just hyperventilating.  

After snorkeling, we sailed with the sail up on the boat back to the pier.  It was such a pretty ride!
The sail.
The sail boat we went on.
Joe and I went back to the boat, changed clothes, ate lunch, and then went shopping in Nassau.
Shopping in Nassau.
Del Sol, again!
I had been thinking about the finger nail/toe nail polish that changes color in the sun since we left Key I bought some.  It is a pearl color, and it changes to a bright pink in the sun.
We also got a shell Christmas ornament at The Linen Shop.  They had some really neat stuff.
We stopped by Senor Frogs.
Then on the way back to the boat we walked along the pier.  This guy had this little white boat.  He goes out in the water, fills his boat up with conch shells and star fish, brings them back to the pier, cleans them and then sells them for $5.00.  I just couldn't pass that up!  So, of course we got a conch shell.  It is so pretty!
It started looking like it was really going to rain, so we headed back to the ship........just in time.  When we got up to our room, I went out on the balcony, and it was pouring!  It was so funny to watch everyone running back to the boat.  Most of them had on their swim suites from being at the beach, but they were freaking out that they were getting wet!  ha.  I videoed it, but I can't get the video to work on here.
Joe and I took a quick nap, then got ready for dinner.  Here is Joe's dinner.
I had penne pasta with cream tomato sauce.  It was great!
Joe and his 2 slices of sugar free pumpkin pie.  His favorite!!
Us at dinner.
When we got back to the room, we found a bunny!
Me and the bunny.
We went down to the lobby and I asked a nice man to take our picture.
Then we went to try to find our pictures and see if we wanted any of them.  The 4th floor has walls and walls of pictures and you just look until you find yours.
And lots of other peopel are looking for their pictures, also.  We did end up buying 2 pictures........the whole trip.
 Every night before the show, they had bingo.  You had to pay for your bingo cards.  We never played, we just watched so we could have a good seat for the show.  The show that night was a comedian and singer.  They were both great!
Then we went back to the room and sat outside for a while before bed.  Joe loved looking through the binoculars.
Nassau was absolutely wonderful!  It was our favorite port of call from this cruise.
One more look at the water in Nassau.


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