Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 6

Joe and I were pretty tired from all of our adventures, so we decided we would not set the alarm and just wake up on our own.  We woke up about 10, got ready, and went to breakfast.
Our view.
We had big plans for laying out on the deck all day!
The water slide.
 The view from our chairs.
The band.
Joe relaxing.
My sunburn was finally better, so I decided I could lay out without a shirt.
The hamburger bar where I got french fries every day.
Beautiful water.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures.
From our balcony.
The people sitting next to us at lunch saw dolphins!
Then we went to the marriage show.  It was so funny.  These 3 couples answered questions kind of like the newly wed show.  The couple on the left had been married for 5 days.  The couple in the middle had been married for 56 years.  The couple on the right were on their anniversary trip, and they had been married for 4 years.  They actually won the game.
This was the bar in the lobby.  He was Joe's favorite bar tender........he was good at opening those cans of diet coke and diet sprite and pouring them in his glass.  ha.  But really he was very efficient and didn't forget about Joe when he ordered his all important diet drinks.
 The lobby.
Joe took a nap, and I read my book.  I know..........if you know me pretty well that is kind of shocking.  I don't read much.  I read "I Will Carry You" by Angie Smith.  It is the story of her infant daughter, Audrey Caroline, who had conditions "incompatible with life".  I have read Angie's blog since before Audrey was born and before Angie was an author, and I really enjoy it. I actually finished the book.  It was awesome!  I highly recommend it!
Joe at our elegant night dinner.
Me and my fruit.
Joe's dinner.

Joe and his dessert-sugar free cheese cake.
Us at dinner.
Every night at dinner we had "show time" where the waiters and waitresses sing and dance.  It was pretty entertaining!
The stage before the show.  This one was my favorite.  It was called the Big Easy and it was a New Orleans based show preformed by the Carnival singers and dancers.
This is the pretty chandelier in the Rome Lounge.
When we got back to our room we found a pig!  And we found that our air conditioning wasn't working.....again!  We went to the late night comedy show in Club Rio and soon found out that it wasn't just our room this was the whole boat.  Of course the engineers were working on the problem.  When we got back to our room after the very HOT comedy show that we actually got seats for this time (only because Preston and Farren were leaving to go the the later Big Easy Show and gave us their seats.  Thanks guys!), we heard the announcement that the air was working but it would take 30 to 45 minutes for it to get the whole ship cooled off.  Just in time for bed.  I was a happy girl.  I was afraid it was going to take 24 hours like it did the last time.

It was a great, very relaxing day at sea!


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