Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Summer so far in Pictures...

I seriously need to catch up on blogging, but for now I thought I would share a few pictures of our summer!
I have made a new goal of blogging every Monday night.  Hopefully I can keep up with things better!  
Warning:  These pictures are not in order!  Ha!

Joe, Mama, Natalie, James and I went to Sandy Beach at Greers Ferry Lake on July 3rd for the fireworks show.  We met up with Maranda and Josh and some other friends.
It was a blast!
On the 4th, I went to Maranda and Josh's house to watch the firework show that their neighbors put on over the lake where they live.
There were some great fireworks, and we only saw 3 the same the same spot.  Thank goodness for Bryce stomping it out in his flip flops!  Ha!
In May they had the ground breaking ceremony for the new dorms!  Thank goodness for a new home!!
The ground breaking was the same night as Beebe's first Relay for Life.......
Which we spent most of the night in the high school's tornado shelter soaking wet!
In May we also had a cook out at the dorm.  Here is Mackenzie holding Bella!
Bella's first cook out with her mama's friends!
Joe and I also attended the Residence Hall Banquet.
It is always a lot of fun!
Mother's Day weekend we spent Saturday at the zoo with Nanny, Poppy, Rylee, and Jordan.
Rylee LOVES the zoo!  She remembers everything. 
We visited Natalie and James' church for baby Bella's Baptism on Mother's Day.
Natalie's grandmother and Annslie's grandmother with Bella.
4 generations!
In June mama and I went to Magnolia for a visit.  I stayed with my friend Theresa.  I had a great time!
Theresa making grilled pizza!
Theresa and Julie.  It was awesome!
Mama and Christy.  
Mama and I stopped in Texarkana and had lunch with Christy on our way to Shreveport one weekend.
Mattilyn and Braden.
While we were in Shreveport we picked blue berries.  It was HOT, but a lot of fun!
Mama, Jeannie, and me.  No, we did not ALL mean to wear blue to pick blue berries.  It just kind of happened!  Ha!
Logan's blue berries he picked!
I taught the preschool class at VBS this year.  It was so much fun!
I teach the preschoolers during the school year on Wednesday nights, so I knew most of the kids.  They are so much fun!  And, I had the best helpers ever!
We danced and sang.........
I think those songs will forever be in my head!  Ha!
We were pretty tired by the end of the week!  Ha!
We went to Jonesboro the Saturday before father's day and went out to eat with Joe's family.  Jordan fell asleep at the table!  Ha!
A few weekends ago I took some pictures of my friend from work, Christi's, little girls in some of the dresses, tutu's, and flower bows mama and I have made recently.  This is Sarah and Mattingly.  Aren't they precious!?!
I love these red and white dresses!
Mama hand crocheted this hat, and I made the flower bow.
I love this picture of Mattingly!!
This is a picture of our booth at our first festival....The Purple Hull Pea Festival in Emerson, AR!
At the end of May, (these pictures are really out of order!  Ha!) we had our kick-off for VBS.
The girls had a blast!!
They didn't like having dirty feet, so I let them wash them off.  
They thought it was great!
Memoriel Day weekend we went to Greers Ferry and took Molly on her first camping trip and boat ride.
Molly can swim!  Well, at least with her life jacket on.  We weren't brave enough to take it off.
Molly and Percie relaxing on the raft.
Percie snoozing on the boat!
Molly snoozing.
Mackenzie riding on the boat.
We got a boat slip for the weekend, and it was great!
Very convenient!
Molly and Percie got cold.
It was a pretty cloudy and rainy weekend!
We met up with Maranda and Josh in a cove by Sandy Beach.
And we ate at Mack's fish house.  It was so good!
I think Mackenzie enjoyed it, too!

There is our summer so far in pictures.  Hopefully I will do a better job at updating!!


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