Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Super Fun Week!!

We had the best week last week!  We took Logan and Braden on many adventures!
On Tuesday we took the boys to an Arkansas Travelers Baseball game!
Excited to see the Travs play!  They were very happy when they turned around and saw Joe buying them corn dogs!
Enjoying the game and corn dogs!  It was HOT!
The Travs won!
On Wednesday we went to Wild River Country!!
"Aunt Rae quit taking our picture and just let us go!"
Having fun on the slides!
Joe loves it, too!
Ready to go again!
Joe coming down the slide:  Part 1.
Part 2!  I LOVE this!
Part 3!  Ha!
Going again.....for # who knows how many times!!
Joe coming down backwards!
Braden is in the blue tube and Logan is in the yellow about to come down.
I enjoyed the lazy river (to our right) and the wave pool (to our left).  I love WRC!
Tired boys leaving the water park!  We closed it down! 
Tired boys going to bed!  Grandmama was brave enough to let them share a room!  Ha!  They had a great time!
On Thursday, I didn't take any pictures.  Grandmama took Logan and Braden to see The Last Airbender at the movies in Searcy.  Then they went camping grocery shopping.  After Joe helped a friend move, we started getting the camper hooked up and ready so they could leave for the Spring River when I left for work (Yeah, I know.  It isn't fair!!  Ha!). I had to wait until 4:30 when I got off work to head up to join them!  
They spent the afternoon swimming, floating and fishing in the river!  It was supposed to rain, but it didn't!!  YAY!!
One way you know you are close to the river!
It started sprinkling right after I got there, but that is the most it rained the whole weekend!  Yay!  It did thunder and lightening a lot on Friday night, but that is it.
Braden's first trip to the Spring River!
Having fun at the river with Grandmama!
The river is so pretty!  And so COLD!!  This was the view from our camp site!
I won't bore you with a lot of pictures of the river, but I love it!
Joe and Braden,
and Me and Logan playing...
Phase 10!!  It was so much fun!  I love it that the boys are old enough to play and understand these games!
Saturday morning.
The river again...
My lens fogged over, but I thought this was a cool picture! Ha! 
Boys fishing!  They did this a lot! 
Another fogged over picture.  Joe kept telling Logan to put his hand in his pocket because he wanted to reel in the line constantly.  Glad I got a picture of it!  Ha!

Joe's mom and dad came to the river for the day.  Logan asked a few times throughout the week why he never got to see Joe's family.  So, we called and invited Joe's parents.  We don't want Logan to think we are trying to hide Joe's family from him!  Ha!!
Logan fishing.  He did catch one fish....a sucker fish.  Poor guy.  He never gave up.  He fished every second we would let him!
Braden fished a lot, too, but he really enjoyed swimming and floating in the river, also.  To our right there was a shallow part of the river where mama and I took our lounge chairs and sat and watched them fish, float, and swim.  Pay attention to the color of Braden's shorts.  It will be important in the next picture.
Guess what Joe is doing???
If your guess was getting a hook out of Braden's shorts, you are right!!   Ha!  We are just pretty lucky that is the only thing that got hooked all weekend.
Saturday night camp fire.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had smores!  
Logan eating his hot dog.
A sleepy Braden.
Logan is asleep under there somewhere!  
Logan usually wakes up pretty early, so the rule for the weekend was that he could not get out of bed until someone else woke up or he had to potty.  Ha!  He made it until around 8:30 both mornings!  We weren't totally mean....I did tell him he could play his DS until someone woke up.
Braden's bed.
On Sunday morning, after mama cooked breakfast (Logan loved the cheesy eggs!), we went to Mammoth Springs.
Reading about Mammoth being where the Spring River begins. 
Grandmama, Joe, and Logan's heaven:  Free magazines and brochures to read from the visitors center.  Logan said in a very excited voice, "Can I take them with me!?!"  Braden said in a very confused voice, "Why is Logan always wanting to read stuff??'  My answer, "I don't know buddy.  I don't get it either!"  Ha!  I love how different they are!
 Feeding the ducks and geese.
Look how close they got!
We had to have a conversation about not hitting the ducks and geese with the bread!  ha!!  Boys......Gotta love them!
Joe telling the boys about the cannon.  Braden wanted to know, "How do you load it, and how does it shoot?" 
Having fun at Mammoth.
Reading about the cannon with Grandmama.
Proof that I was there.  I just realized this is the only picture of me from the whole weekend.  Ha!  Guess that is what happens when you are always taking the pictures.
Looking that the cold spring.
So pretty!
On the bridge.
We got to see tiny baby ducks!  The boys were so excited that they ate some of the bread they threw them!  The mama was very protective, so we had to sneak up on them to feed them!
A mama duck with some older baby ducks.  They were very happy to eat the bread!
Having fun!
 The dam.
 Braden liked watching the water!
Everybody watching.
The view of the dam from the bottom.
Joe checking it out.
The closer you get to the water the more and more it feels like an AC is blowing on you!  It was crazy!!
Joe let the boys climb out on the rock with him!  They loved it!
Joe had a good idea.....the boys loved Mammoth!  You know they are having fun when they keep telling him thank you for bringing them without being prompted!
The water was COLD!
Braden enjoying the cold breeze off the water.  It really did feel like someone turned on the AC!
Feeding the pigeons the left over bread.
In the truck headed to Missouri!
Funny conversation:  Joe says, "I saw one of those bugs that looks like a stick in the bathroom.  You know, the one who eats their husband after they mate."  Grandmama say, "A Praying Mantis."  Logan says, "You mean a Raeing Mantis."  Ha ha.  Joe looks at me and says, "Good one Logan."  Braden could not stop laughing!
We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch.
Well, we really stopped there for the blizzards, but we ate lunch while we were there, too!  Ha!
Another Braden funny:  There was wood paneling one the ceiling and Braden keeps staring at it and says as serious as could be, "Why would someone want to walk on the ceiling?"   Ha!   
When we got back to the camper, we went down to the rapids to swim for a little while.  Braden taught Logan how to float down river a little bit, then stand up, walk back, and do it all over.  They had a great time!  When it was time to go finish packing up and head home, Joe, Logan, and Braden floated all the way down past the camper.
It was not very deep, so Joe walked most of the way.
2 dirty boys who had a great time camping, fishing, swimming, and floating!  
Joe did catch 2 trout.  Some how I didn't get a picture of them.  He let Braden hook the stringer to his life jacket, and Braden walked around in the water holding the stringer like a leash.  Dannie said it looked like he was walking a dog!  Ha!  Braden named them Buck and Sam.  Then he wanted to help Joe clean them.  And he wanted to take them home so his mom could cook them!  Ha!  (You can thank me later for not sending them, Jeannie!)
For some crazy reason, Spring River Oaks has a no dog rule.  So, my friends Savannah and Emily kept Molly and Percie for us!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  They had a great time! 
We had a great visit with Logan and Braden!  I am going to miss having them around this week!


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