Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is Monday....

so I am posting!  Yay! 

My nephews, Logan and Braden, have come to Beebe for a visit.  We always have the best time with them!
Braden and Logan arrived on Thursday, July 8th, and spent most of the afternoon "helping" grandmama make cookies and cupcakes for the lemonade stand they had at mama's neighborhood wide garage sale Friday morning.  Friday morning, they had the BEST time.  I stopped by on my way to work to snap this picture.  Mama said Logan is a great salesman!  I definitely believe it!
I had a busy day at work Friday.  It was our nurse, Peggy's, last day.  She got some special cards made by the kids.  I LOVE the pink cake!
We had an awesome potluck!  I wish I could add more pictures of the precious kiddos telling Mrs. Peggy bye!  (Hippa!!)  It was precious!!
Thursday night, I spent a LONG time washing Joe's truck, but I forgot one thing....the rubber mat that goes in the back of the truck.  So the boys helped me load up the mat and take it to the car wash to spray it off.  
They are so silly!  They had a great time!!
We also stopped by Dollar General...
and got Percie a new doggie bed.  Isn't it cute!?!
Later that night we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and get water shoes for Logan and Braden.  They will be needed for another adventure later this week!  They had some for Braden, but not Logan.  So, Logan and I ran in KMart and found these!  YAY!  Now we are all set.
Funny story about this picture:
Standing in the checkout line I take Logan's picture (after he rolls his eyes and says "really?" Ha!)
16 year-old male KMart sales associate-"Good job man.  Don't worry about it.  My mom still takes my picture all the time."
Logan (shaking his head)-"I know man.  She even took my picture at the car wash today!"
KMart sales associate- Laughs uncontrollably.
Logan-Walks away shaking his head.
I was cracking up that Logan sounded just like a 16-year-old boy!  He makes me laugh!  He will talk to ANYONE like he has known them forever!  Ha!
Saturday morning was another morning at the Lemonade stand.  They had a great time and sold out of cookies!  Ha!  Grandmama made monkey bread for breakfast!  Yum!
The boys got tired and decided to play some cards.
Michelle and Mackenzie came by to enjoy the yard sale.  Those cupcakes were SO good!
I love this picture of Kenzie!!
Joe got home about 2:00 a.m. from Washington DC, so around noon I took the boys to wake him up!  We went to Movie Gallery to see if they had anything good left at their going out of business sale.  No luck!
Then we drove through McDonald's for lunch.
The boys were so happy to see Joe!
Joe driving his clean truck!  He said he noticed when he walked past it at 2:00 a.m. when he got home from DC!  Ha!  He said it was much shiner than when he left it!
Saturday night a group of us went out to eat for Annslie's 30th birthday party!
We went to Cregeens Irish Pub in NLR.  It was awesome!!
Annslie opening her presents.
Me, Anns, Nat.
Christina telling Annslie that she isn't her roommate.  Christina-"I'm your landlord and you are my tenant!"  LOL!!  She had us cracking up!
Anns on the phone with Mama Ann!
Annslie, Natalie, Maranda, and me.
Natalie and Maranda leaving in Natalie's new car.  It is so pretty!!
Annslie and I walked down to the Travs game to hang out with Christina.  It was HOT!!
Cody calls.....just in time!  An old man was hitting on Annslie and would not leave her alone!  Ha!
Cody laughing at Annslie and Christina.
I think it was another one of those landlord and tenant conversations!  Ha!
We had a great time!  Happy 30th Birthday Annslie!!
Sunday morning we took the boys to church and to a church potluck welcoming our new pastor.  The boys asked, "What is a church potluck?"  Hahaha!  The difference in growing up in a city and a small town!  Then we loaded up and headed to the lake.
Joe towing the boat.  About halfway there it started to rain.....and didn't stop.
A disappointed Logan that we can't put the boat in the water.
A disappointed Braden.  It did stop raining long enough for us to have a picnic.
Joe drying off the table for our picnic.  
I wish I had a picture, but I didn't want to get the camera wet......it started raining before Braden finished his sandwich.  Logan and Grandmama head for the truck, I pack up the stuff while Joe loads the truck.....I ask "Where is Braden?"  And I hear, "I'm down here!"  I look under the picnic table and there is Braden squatted down under the table finishing his sandwich.  "Well, I didn't want my sandwich to get wet!!"  Hahahaha!  He cracks me up!  So I stood in the rain and waited on him so he could finish his sandwich.  I love that kid!
Molly and Percie snoozed on the way home.
They are so funny!
When we were pulling in the drive way, Joe's front tire on his truck blew......Ugghhhh!  
Braden asked if Joe got the spare on the truck, and I told him yes, but the spare was almost flat, too.  Braden says, "Joe is just having a flat tire kind of day!"  Ha!  Yes, yes he was.
Today Mama and the boys came over and Joe grilled.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures.  The boys enjoyed playing pool in the lobby, playing ball with Percie, watching Joe cook, and watching a movie.  The food was great!  Joe grilled (in the rain) pork boneless ribs, pork chops, and steaks.  We also had augratin potatoes, squash, and zucchini.  Yum!  
Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures this week!!


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Carie said...

Wow! Looks like much fun! So wish I could have made the party! We didn't get out of that thingy until 8:00 and that was because I looked at Steve and said, "Past her bedtime AND no nap today". He turned to my way of thinking quickly!