Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Elroy...

Meet Elroy!!! He is the pit bull/boxer mix that mama is fostering until we find him a home.
Look at that face!! He is the sweetest puppy I've ever met!!
The vet says he is in good health except for being a little under weight. We think he was probably lost for quite a while. He has some spots on his neck that we think are from where his collar was too tight. He has some antibiotic to help them heal.
The vet says he is just under a year old. He gets along great with other dogs, children, and cats. He just wags his tail and wants to lick everyone...the cats included! He thinks everybody is his best friend!!
I wish we could keep him, but 4 dogs is just too many for mama to have!! So please, if you know anyone who might want to give him a good home, let me know!!


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