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ASU Homecoming Weekend 2009

Warning: You are about to be overloaded with pictures!! I hope you have a minute (or 2, or 3)...

Look who went to visit Nanny and Poppy.....
Percie was so happy to have Molly and Elroy visit her Nanny and Poppy. She had a great time introducing them to her doggy mama, Angel, and her doggy grandpa, Max. They all got along great! I wish I had a picture of all 5 of them, but it was hard enough to get these 3 in a picture!!
Doesn't Elroy have a sweet face!?! He is so photogenic. (Why can't Percie be that photogenic?) He still needs a happy home. If you know anyone who wants a pit bull/boxer mix, please let me know!
We went to Jonesboro Friday night to eat at Ed's Catfish with Joe's family. Here is Jordan's mama helping him take a drink. Isn't he cute!?!
Rylee cheesing with her Uncle Joe at Ed's.
Jordan playing with his Elmo jacket. I just thought this picture was too cute!!
Saturday, October 24, 1902, is Delta Zeta's Founder's Day. This year ASU's homecoming happened to fall on founder's day. All of the alumni were invited to the DZ suite for a reception and the founder's day ceremony. This is a group picture of the alumni who came to the event. It was so much fun, and thank you for inviting us!
April and Jennifer at the suite.
It was also Beth's 29th birthday, so the girls were sweet enough to get her a cake! She was so excited!
Natalie and I in the suite. Our stickers say Delta Zeta loves ASU!!
This is Amanda and Jennifer. They were freshman when I was a senior. I was their new member educator when they were new members. I think only 4 of the 40 something new members from that year made it the 4 years of college and graduated as active Delta Zetas! That was a wild say the least! But we had a lot of fun!! I am so proud of these girls for making it all the way. Jennifer is now Delta Zeta's CCD. They are so lucky to have her!!
After we left the suite, I went in search of a Red Wolf cheerleader outfit for Rylee. She wanted one to wear to the game so bad!! Then it was off to Lazzari's to eat lunch. Man I miss Lazzari's! That is the best Italian food!! Here is Joe enjoying his Lazzari's. (Joe and I went to Lazzari's our first Valentine's Day we were together. Awww!)
Natalie (baby Bella) and James joined us for lunch. They both went to ASU and share our love for Lazzari's. (As do Maranda and Josh. We didn't know it, but we only missed them by a few minutes eating at Lazzari's! Haha!! Maranda and I used to order their Cesar Salad's to go ALL the time when we lived together. They were good and cheap. I think they cost $3.50 a piece if I remember correctly.)
Then it was off to the tailgate parties. This is me and Trent. It was so great to see him!! It has been a while!!
I also got to spend some time with Elizabeth. This girl is as funny as ever!! We laughed a lot!!
And we got to see Conrad. He made us laugh even more...if it was possible! He brought up all kinds of old memories. Anybody reading this remember Elizabeth standing on "her" stump outside the Sigma Pi house screaming "I'm a tree" and making all of the sig pi pledges be her branches!?! Too funny!! We also talked about how sad it was to see the old sig pi house torn down! But I'm so happy they have a new house on Fraternity Row. (And it is the way!!)
Delta Zeta had a tent in Tailgate City this year, and it was great! Here are a bunch of us alumni posing in front of our letters. Someone pointed out that we all had on black. I thought that was too funny!! Great minds think a like!!
Here are Jennifer and I in our twinkie outfits!! When Nick saw me for the first time the first thing out of his mouth was, "You are dressed just like my wife!!" Too funny. We even had our Delta Zeta howls for the Red Wolves stickers on opposite sides to balance out the picture. I love Jennifer to death, and I wish she and Nick didn't live so far away so we could see them more than once a year!
Samantha (my grand big sis) and I at the DZ tailgate. Her precious daughter, Madi was with her (in the cutest red and black tutu), but she fell asleep before I got to take her picture.
I even got to see Maranda for a minute. It was great to get to talk to her!!
Then it was off to the stadium. Joe and I took Rylee her Red Wolf cheerleader outfit we found, and she was so excited!! It was the only size 6 left in the town of Jonesboro!! I think she makes a pretty cute Red Wolf cheerleader!!
Rylee and her sign. "Aunt Rae take my picture with my sign!"
Sweet Jordan in his Red Wolf football jersey. He makes a pretty cute Red Wolf football player, too!
He was so proud of the Red Wolf tattoo on his face. Too cute!!
Uncle Joe and Rylee cheering on those Red Wolves. They played Florida International at 6 p.m. The game was not televised! (Thank goodness, because it lasts at least an hour longer with all of the extra breaks! I mean....I love football, but come on!!)
Rylee eating a SNOW CONE at the football game. This girl is the only one I know who would eat a snow cone in 40 degree weather. I was FREEZING!! (and I forgot my jacket)
This is the ASU Band. (I refuse to call them "The Sound of the Natural State". So cheesy!! They were the Marching Indians until they changed the mascot, and they changed to "The Sound of the Natural State". Oh well. They are still pretty awesome even though they have a cheesy name!!) I can't believe it has been 11 years since I was out on that field. And look....all of the flags are together. I might have done it for more than a year if they had been that good when I was in school!! Ha!!
Rylee fell asleep during the game. Doesn't she look sweet!?! It amazes me that kids can fall asleep with so much going on around them!! ASU did win 27 to 10!! (Thank goodness!!) Go Red Wolves!!

After the game Joe was nice enough to take me by the new Sigma Pi House. I love it!! I got the grand tour, and let me tell is nice!! I wish I had taken pictures, but I think I was too in ahhh!! There were great memories made at the old house, but I'm sure there will be many more made at the new one, too!!
The dogs stayed outside playing the whole time we were gone (from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.). So they were so tired when we let them in that night!! Here is Elroy asleep on the bed. He slept like this all night!!
Here is Molly passed out!! Haha!!
And here is Percie snoozing!! Too cute!! I wanted to get Percie's picture in her ASU shirt, but there wasn't enough time. It was a busy, but great day!!
On Sunday morning, we went to church with Joe's family. Then it was off to lunch at The Front Page Cafe. It is their favorite Sunday lunch spot. They have pass arounds like fried okra, white beans and ham, and corn bread. They also throw rolls! Rylee always wants to catch her own, but I'm pretty sure that would end with a roll on the floor (and a melt down soon to follow), so Uncle Joe or poppy catches her rolls for her!
Here is Rylee and her peace sign. Too funny! Joe and I got her this vest and we took it to lunch on Sunday to give to her, and she had to put it on right then (even though it did not match her dress at all). I'm glad she likes it!! When I saw it, it just screamed Rylee!
Here is Rylee's plate: grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and fried okra. That is a girl after my own heart, well except for the fried okra. I don't do okra!!
Jordan saying cheese for the camera. He likes to get so close for me to take his picture!! Haha!!

I had a great Homecoming Weekend 2009. It was great to see everyone!!
Believe it or not there are more pictures I wish I had taken!!
That will just have to wait until next year!!


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