Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!

My friend Michelle's little girl, Mackenzie, turned 5 on October 6, 2009. She had her birthday party on Saturday, October 10, 2009. She had a Barbie Diamond Castle, princess dress-up, Hannah Montana party! What more could a girl want!?!
All of the little girls had a great time! Especially the birthday girl!!
Here is Michelle painting Mackenzie's finger nails. We painted all of the girls finger nails and toe nails! They looked so cute!!
Here is Mackenzie with her friends!!
Here is the cake (that her momma kind of forget to order until Friday, but with Mrs. Peggy's help, Harp's came through and Mackenzie had the Hannah Montana cake she wanted!!).
Happy 5th Birthday Mackenzie!! Thanks for letting me come to your party!!


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